Our Philosophy

We believe that diabetics are unique individuals who deal with extraordinary circumstances. Each of us has faced battles alone and with others in our illness. We have found that community makes it much easier to cope and move forward. You are welcome to join us on a great journey!

Our Story

What began as a joke at work has grown into what you see today. Ron and Pick(Chris) worked together and managed to win employee of the month for their respective departments the same month. Thus, The Diabetic Brothers were born. Trust us we know that name doesn't work. It was soon shortened to The Betes Bros. Little while later that name transferred to Pick and Nate as well. As things evolved, all wanted to do more and the social media launches began. Soon after they realized the girls were being left out. How do you keep guys in line? You give a couple courageous women The Betes Babes and let them run! The team of 7 now operates in two states and has ventured into others since April of 2017.

Meet the Team

What happens when you get a team of 7 individuals with diabetes together? You get The Betes Bros/Babes working together to make diabetes a little more bearable.

Chris (Pick)

Founder & CEO

29 Years with Diabetes, Father, Husband, and Public Speaker


Co-Founder The Betes Babes

Just one year with T1D and she's done more than anyone could ask for!

Ron B

VP Co-Founder The Betes Bros

Moto X, Fast Cars, and Kilts? He is the life of The Betes Bros Party.


Co-Founder The Betes Bros

Special Effects artists and working on new projects. Wait until you see what he does for us.



Why yes Santa is in fact Type 2. Doesn't stop him form helping. Working to help others better understand T2D.


Co-Founder The Betes Babes

Sister, Aunt, and all around cheerful person!


Athletics Coordinator

Soccer player who has never met a stranger. One of the most fun people you may ever meet.