Community is Why

Our roads have always been winding and often leading to a dead end. Though no path may have been in sight, that never detoured us. Success is a mindset, not measured by monetary achievements or titles. A journey rewarded with lives changed. A smile shared and hope granted. Through every trial and tribulation that life has had to offer, we rise above. Not alone, but with fierce numbers. Roars from the crowd. Our paths may appear to be traveled very much alone, but when the focus is taken off of yourself, you see thousands of your brothers and sisters standing side by side, step by step, matching your every move. The most beautiful thing about who you are is who we are together. A single family comprised of millions. Ups and downs, highs and lows are merely part of the battle, but by no means the war. Our war is within, both literally and figuratively. It is passion that drives the desire to overcome the daily obstacles. We walk hand in hand though thousands of miles apart. Every moment that is spent enduring what we do, know you’re not alone. We are your advocate, your voice, your brothers. If we may never meet, we still stride in strength. Battling an unseen monster that grinds it teeth, growls, and relentlessly pursues to defeat each of us. But the glory is in the bond that we are all blessed and cursed with. A life that is shared is a life well lived. A wish in life is for someone who has lost desire and drive. Stand up, yell at the moment you triumph, your life is beautiful. Though your illness may be invisible, we see you. We applaud you. You are a warrior with passion beyond measure. Never give up your fire, let it burn out of control. Pursue your dreams no matter how outlandish they tell you they maybe. Your grand adventure is merely steps away. Make that first move. Don’t hold back! As you push, we push behind you. We will cheer you through the downfalls and lift you up in your victory. You are part of the greatest family, our family. We are proud and amazed by each of you and thank you beyond what can express.
-The Betes Bros

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